Tifa Tittlywinks

Meet Tifa Tittlywinks

Tifa Tittlywinks is a sexy creature of class, jazz, singing, boozing and commanding the attention of whatever man or women happens to fall into her gaze, but do not be deceived by her sweet, playful nature. She has been known to stretch the boundaries of burlesque, and encapsulate audiences of all kinds with her repertoire of feathers, glitter, rhinestones, and of course pasties.

Tifa is one of the founding members of The Dames and has never been prouder of such an innovative group of ladies. She has also been seen amongst the lights of the Texas Tease-a-thon, Rock Baby Rock It Festival,and Dallas Burlesque Festival, where The Dames were given the Dusty Summers Award for Burlesque Magic, and many others. She is also known to slink among the vaudevillian circus known as Kiki’s Sordid Sideshow.